Branding is what separates you from your competition. 
You need a seamless story throughout all touch-points of your brand.




Your truth is revealed in your brand essence, not the rules of a styleguide

Authenticity is what makes brands last. If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.
— Howard Schultz


Discovery workshop

The Discovery Workshop is where the magic happens. Here, we reveal the essence of your brand, your emotional connection with customers.

“Branding, by its very nature, is not optional. If you do not position yourself in people's minds, they will do it for you” — Peter Drucker

The workshop can be broken into three major sections - discovering the brand attributes, defining the target customers and establishing the business goals to achieve the rollout. A further breakdown of these is below.

Brand Attributes

Brand attributes are the core qualities of a brand. They reveal its personality, and physical traits through imagery and language that allow us to build into the identity of your brand.


By identifying the archetype of a brand we can work towards gaining an emotional connection to your audience. This gives brands the ability to find an authentic voice that differentiates and provides a strategic lens through which to make key business decisions.

target customers

This is the reality check. We map out scenarios of your target audience against interactions with your brand. This predicts pain points and provides insights into functionality and user behavior, which we craft into the rollout of the brand.

Competitive Audit

A competitive analysis of your brand and the landscape evolving around it allows us to see where you are positioned in the market. It highlights strengths and weaknesses and gives us the insight we need towards making your brand outstanding. Click to start this process.

The workshop brought such clarity. Jason really knows how to capture and clarify focal perspective, this would SO assist others. We love the emphasis on the tagline. We love the colour facets you’ve captured the life-giving alive zesty feeling of it all in a classy professional way. They thought through everything!
— Muz & Suzy Newman - Encounter Life Church
From the beginning I could tell that he was actually interested in the success of my business, not just in getting the job done. There is so much work involved in branding, so many steps I had never thought about! I really had no clue about the process, but Jason guided me through and answered every question patiently and expertly. He really got to the heart of my business and created fantastic branding out of that knowledge. I am so stoked with the end result.
— Kaidee McKerrow - The Photo Trail
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