Apple and micro-content


Imagine summarising a 3-hour training session into a 2-minute video.

Apple did it…

3 things you need to know:

  • 8 second attention spans

  • Turning a 3 hour keynote into a 2 minute video

  • The future = Entertaining and visually astounding content


You’ve got 8 SECONDS

The average person’s attention span clocks in at a tiny 8.25 seconds. It’s no wonder that huge training sessions don’t hold people’s attention!

Distilled content is king these days - give me the exec summary, not the thesis!

Step in micro-content, otherwise known as bite-sized learning or micro-learning. One of the masters of this is Apple. One of their main mottos is ‘keep things simple’. 

Apple’s 2019 product line presentation. Stunning visuals paired with key information; the video simply doesn’t allow you to blink. This is a perfect example of bite-sized content.



Honestly there is a place for both face-face training and a 2 minute overview. Micro-content isn’t about replacing anything, it’s simple a tool we can use to embed learning and make the experience richer. Let’s explore how it works.

How does it work?

A lengthy presentation presents a lot of information to a select group of individuals and often it doesn’t leave the audience engaged.

Micro-content is about keeping things short and to the point. Use a micro-learning method to convey the material that needs to be delivered in the meeting. This leads to higher engagement because people instantly see how the content’s relevant to them. It can also be shared with managers and the broader organisation allowing everyone to take part - just like the ‘apple video’ above.

It’s educational, entertaining and visually astounding

These features show us the direction learning’s headed. A combination of comedy and education, visuals and key points. It holds the attention far better than a dry presentation (or a 200 page manual).

Attention & Learning

Another place where you’ll see bite-sized content very often is social media. If you want people to not keep scrolling, you need to find a way to draw their attention with your content. The good news is that the possibilities are virtually endless. From famous individuals such as Dwayne Johnson to giant companies like Nike, skilled marketers know how to send a strong message in a concise way.

Starbucks is another example of how much you can grow your brand with concise messages. It’s among the very few companies that took advantage of social media at an early stage to reinvent their brand. Now, all it takes is for Starbucks is to post a colourful picture with a relatable quote and it gets a ton of attention.

YouTube is a perfect platform for bite-sized content. It’s filled with channels that know how to educate and entertain their audience. For example, Kurzgesagt teaches you how to colonise the Moon in under 10 minutes. The brand is famous for bite-sized learning, which is one of the main reasons behind its massive success.

There are many more examples out there, but you get the idea of what micro-content should look like. As our attention spans get shorter, this popular and effective trend will continue to evolve but it’s not likely to go away anytime soon.


About the Author

Jason Knight

Jason Knight is the founder and creative director of Moved by Design, designing brand identities and learning material for corporate HR businesses. He has spent over 15 years blending HR with marketing, which has made him a finely tuned visual communicator.