We inspire greatness

Transforming people and brands


At Moved by Design


We’re a team of change-makers, creative rebels who collaborate with progressive businesses to build brands.

We Create

We solve business problems, we do this through collaboration, design sprints and design thinking. Yes, the output is pretty but if it doesn’t deliver a ROI then we failed you.

We inspire people

Our core desire is to inspire peoples growth. Our client relationships represent long standing friendships. We collaborate at a senior level, mapping a way forward.

We exist to see eyes dazzled. To stun the world with impressive ideas, establish confident identities, break boundaries that have existed without being questioned, forge new territory where people haven’t ventured before—to create an emotional response that resonates in peoples hearts. We are Moved by Design.


Jasons’ story

Jason Knight is interviewed about the story behind the business and the move to Port Macquarie NSW.

Like many great things in history, it all started with a conversation.

We began back in 2004 when a client commented on one of Jason’s designs – ‘this conveys more than a message – it touches my soul…’ Inspired to emotionally connect with audiences, Moved by Design takes you on a journey of business discovery, connecting your goals with your customers.



  • A collaborative creative team to help make your life easier

  • A design aligned with your vision which leads your customers through the marketing funnel

  • Access through an online proofing / collaboration tool to reduce emails

  • Targeted content to simplify your message to a clear call to action

  • A design, layout and information hierarchy tailored to your customers

  • A real human, we love our clients, we do everything we can to make our clients life easier.