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A staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged.



Employee Experience

Employee Experience ‘EX’ is the new battlefield in corporate learning

We’re leading the revolution, showing corporates how to create personalised learning opportunities for their employees because:

‘I love enforced professional development’ – said no employee ever!




Through customised corporate training designed to engage staff, you’ll create a culture of productivity and high performance from a team of switched on employees.

Your benefits as a HR/internal comms consultant:

  • Create space for strategic HR and internal comms projects and big ideas

  • Become an employer of choice

  • Save time and budget on repetitious onboarding and training tasks

  • Expand brand reach through internal communication to build reputation as employer of choice

  • Creation of brand ambassadors and workplace champions

  • Build culture of learning where skilling up doesn’t mean investing in staff that will move on to a new company

 Your business will benefit from (stats for your boss):

  • 41% less absenteeism

  • 24% less turnover

  • 21% greater profitability

  • 17% greater productivity

  • Specific ROI on costs of churn and recruitment Vs investment in training culture


Case study



Raelee Hobson shares how she's partnered with Moved to deliver engaging training material and lift the enrolment to 90%!


What is the future for corporate learning?


"Forget 50+ page manuals, the google approach to learning is the new normal in the form of short videos, infographics and learning simulations." Pathway

No longer is the industrial age (tick box) learning effective in an age of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation. Do your systems handle the current crisis of short attention, productivity overload, employees facing global skills crisis and intelligent technology innovations?


Our Services


MOVED delivers customised corporate training to engage staff and build your business.


We produce

  • Training manuals for engaging learners

  • Infographic posters to communicate with your staff

  • Pre and post articles to build on formal learning

  • Pocket cards (Z cards) to reinforce training

  • Influencer content (support internal micro-authorities)

  • Module creation, eg. Onboarding material

Would you like to know…

  • How to create Micolearning content for modern learners?

  • How to package up existing materials into useable formats to engage employees?

  • Strategies for engaging staff through internal comms branding?

  • How to create internal staff ambassadors and brand advocates?

  • Best tips to create and deploy your content?

"Over 60% of executives say they are “weak” in providing mobile and social learning and using MOOCs as development tools.” DelOItte



Our Process

Listen, empathise, distill & translate


Confused about which learning strategy is best for you?

Step 1: Discovery - Idea Exchange

  • Discovery & research

  • Sprint workshop

Working together, we’ll map out what you want from staff development and training. We’ll look at what you have now and identify any gaps that need filling. We’ll then help you align your business goals with your employees.

Step 2: Alignment - Mapping the journey

  • Content review

  • Content Strategy

  • Information architecture

Once we’ve designed your training map, we’ll have a look at the journey to reach your goals. We’ll create milestones and wins along the way to keep you focussed on the end goal. From this, we’ll provide you with relevant, actionable and digestible training content that’ll result in higher adoption, engagement and lesson completion from your employees.  

Step 3: CREATE – The Experience

  • Micro-learning creation

  • Module creation

  • Creation of staff ambassadors, micro-influencers and brand advocates

  • Repackaging of existing training and learning materials for coherent internal branding

 You can expect faster onboarding, higher retention, better cross-functional collaboration, and improved team performance.





Louise Patience - Talent & Capability Manager at Ingham's

“It’s such a delight working with Jason – he’s transformed the look of our recruitment material, training videos and graduate program. Engagement in our employment brand has increased LinkedIn, which is an excellent result in a short timeframe.

With short deadlines and lacking briefs he constantly delivers above what I expected. If you want to lift the level of engagement and communication then Moved is the team for you!”



Alison Brady - Senior OD manager at Oil Search

“Jason has a good grasp of the challenges and opportunities in learning and development, and brings innovative ideas and thinking to projects.

He collaborates closely with his clients and always meets needs and timeframes. Jason will also challenge and question if he sees a better alternative. I recommend Jason to add polish and professionalism to your projects and branding.”

Alison Brandy

The hyper-visual age

It's not the content - it’s the delivery!


Whether it be WHS procedures, updated company policies or change management - it’s the delivery that’s letting your company down.

According to Deloitte, companies spend more than $130 billion on training and development worldwide, yet struggle to provide modern, hyper-visual, online personalised learning. How information is presented makes an enormous difference to the amount of content that people remember. Most people understand new concepts far more clearly when the information is presented in a visual format.


Here is the same information presented two different ways:


An infographic teaching a concept


Word document with the same content in words only


Which experience would you prefer?


Want some proof? Click below


INGHAM's Case study

Training materials / Graphic design / video


We partnered with INGHAM'S to align the recruitment and internal comms to its new branding. We rolled out a Values and Behaviour Framework, Graduate programs, Onboarding documents, Values based competitions, CEO video announcements...

With over 15 years' experience designing training material that connects with your learner.

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