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Dear OD manager,

It’s time to stop wading through dense training manuals and squinting to read the text heavy powerpoint slides. It’s time to capture the attention of your team. From the frontline staff to executives, they all need to engage in learning and training.

Every day, over a billion (with a B) learning-related videos are viewed on YouTube. So why is it so hard to get your staff engaged with learning?


Are your staff bored to snores?


You’ve spent a fortune on expert content but then it’s presented in a boring Word document or death by PowerPoint. Your staff are disengaged and frustrated. Instead of learning something new, they’re wondering what’s for lunch.

“More than 7 in 10 viewers often use YouTube to solve a problem when it comes to their job, studies or hobby.” Think With Google


So why aren’t businesses embracing this?


The hyper-visual age

It's not the content - it’s the delivery!


Whether it be WHS procedures, updated company policies or change management - it’s the delivery that’s letting your company down.

According to Deloitte, companies spend more than $130 billion on training and development worldwide, yet struggle to provide modern, hyper-visual, online personalised learning. Is your business adding to that incredibly large figure?

How information is presented makes an enormous difference to the amount of content that people remember. Most people understand new concepts far more clearly when the information is presented in a visual format.


Here is the same information presented two different ways:


An infographic teaching a concept


Word document with the same content in words only


Which experience would you prefer?


Case study



Raelee Hobson shares how she's partnered with Moved to deliver engaging training material and lift the enrolment to 90%!


We put the learner in charge

A Google approach to learning


"Forget 50+ page manuals, the google approach to learning is the new normal in the form of short videos, infographics and learning simulations." Pathway


How we do it:

01. understand your learner

Who is the audience and what access do they have to technology? Making the content relevant to them is what it's all about.

02. What's the Framework?

Does your content fit into the broader business vision? Does this training fit into other segments already done? Let's make a simple framework to help visualise all training options available to the learner.

03. Make the Content snack-sized

Break down the 200 page manual into bite sized sections that learners can access within three clicks.

04. get Hyper-visual

Is there a simpler way we can convey the message? Pictures, videos, infographics all help convey the training in a memorable format that our brains can recall.




Creative engagement


At Moved, we aim to 'cultivate curious change agents' within your company. These are the people, from your executives to frontline, who go on to solve those difficult problems and challenges that your company faces on a daily basis.


"Over 60% of executives say they are “weak” in providing mobile and social learning and using MOOCs as development tools.” DelOItte


We believe businesses need to have more fun with how content is presented and find creative ways to engage with employees.





Louise Patience - Ingham's

“It’s such a delight working with Jason – he’s transformed the look of our recruitment material, training videos and graduate program. Engagement in our employment brand has increased LinkedIn, which is an excellent result in a short timeframe.

With short deadlines and lacking briefs he constantly delivers above what I expected. If you want to lift the level of engagement and communication then Moved is the team for you!”



Murray Guest - Inspire my Business

“As a strengths-based coach I firmly believe we can be most successful when we focus on our strengths and leverage the strengths of others. Jason & the Moved By Design team also believe in this philosophy and I love working with them for my business and clients, as it allows me to focus on what I do best and they get to shine. Jason’s talents in pulling together exactly the design to capture an essence, feelings, emotions and visually convey them is truly a strength. A man full of integrity & creativity, Jason will bring what you do to life!”



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INGHAM's Case study

Training materials / Graphic design / video


We partnered with INGHAM'S to align the recruitment and internal comms to its new branding. We rolled out a Values and Behaviour Framework, Graduate programs, Onboarding documents, Values based competitions, CEO video announcements...


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