Strategy / Copywriting / Graphic Design




BuySide help families invest in the property market. Clients were getting lost in the facts and figures and needed a clear engagement pathway.



Our first task was to distill the message into bit-sized pieces. We split the current 30+ page document into two smaller booklets. Rewrote the copy and redid their look to connect to family target market. One smaller 'teaser' booklet for new leads and another 'workbook' booklet to walk the client through the details.

I originally came to Jason with what I felt was a rough guide to a new marketing brochure for our property buying business. Jason completely reconfigured the strategy for me and suggested something that was so much better than what we could have done on our own.

He is one of the rare individuals who has a mind for strategy, an eye for design and an ear for what the market is looking for. Iā€™d recommend his services in a heartbeat.
— Josh Masters - BuySide Founder